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Just unveiled - our brand new DIMENSIONS class badge! We've combined all the best in badge making technology to bring you an incredibly beautiful, durable, innovative badge that is sure to grab everyone's attention. Our new badge is made possible throughDimensional Imprinting (DI for short).
Before DI your graphics were trapped under the clear dome but with our new breakthrough technology your graphics leap off the surface in stunning color and texture.
The sleek design of the Dimensions Class badge is composed of a durable plastic which comes in brushed silver, brushed gold, white and pearl, and features our 3D Crystal Dome process over the surface of the plastic. Your graphics are then Dimensionally Imprinted on the surface of the dome. What was once flat is now alive with texture.

This badge weighs 0.5 oz without a fastener Dimensions: 3” wide x 1.5” high